Headquartered in Houston, Texas, it all started with the vision of Ron Emberg, an expert in data and records management. He saw the need for improving utility billing software, along with processes and services for his clients. Over the decades, his dedication, perseverance and enthusiasm has been passed on to every associate at AVR – by far it is these dedicated staff that comprise our company’s greatest asset.


Our teams go the extra mile for our customers and strive to produce the best products and services available. We take pride in the fact that a large number of our employees have worked with AVR for over twenty-five years and some even forty and fifty years. We have generations of families that have worked at AVR for decades. We believe it is this synergy that has made all the difference for the success of our clients and our company.


AVR maintains the philosophy that innovation in the information technology industry will always be the driving force to remain ahead of the game. We’ve continuously invested time and resources in research and development. Our team of research and technology strategists continuously investigate new technologies and provide our developers with new ideas that keep us in the forefront with new innovations. Some of our products have not been seen in the industry before.

Our clients


We have clients in several states including; Texas, West Virginia, Nebraska and Arkansas. We also have international clients in Africa.


2020 conferences

January 2020        l    awbd Midwinter 



July 2020                       l   TPGA Propane                             Expo+Conference   

Aug. 2020                     l    AWBD  

Aug. 2020                      l    lma             

Sept. 2020                    l    payment

Oct.  2020                     l    tml 



Texas Rural Water Association

Texas American Water Works Association 

Arkansas Water Works and Water Environment Association

Capital Area Suburban Exchange 

Association of Water Board Directors

Texas Municipal League 

Arkansas Rural Water Association

Texas Propane Gas Association

Oklahoma Rural Water Association

Alabama Rural Water Association



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