Utility Billing Software

AVR’s Utility Billing software – uVisionPLUS™ – is flexible, scalable, reliable, easily configurable, and intuitive. Our navigation bar allows you to quickly move through accounts and multiple districts so you may assist your customers immediately. Third party interface capabilities are available. Mobile technologies are integrated into our software for field operations and payment options.
Our core system is designed with an integrated suite of modules that can be constructed to meet your needs. We have modules that enhance your billing capabilities, along with a multitude of payment options for your clients’ convenience.

uManage® Mobile


AVR’s uManage Mobile Workforce Management and Client Billing System is designed to work seamlessly with our uVisionPLUS utility billing solution. uManage Mobile can also integrate with other back end work order solutions. It allows the user to create, manage and close out work orders that are related to utility billing accounts for tracking purposes. It also has its own location database for any service location that does not have a billing service connection. uManage® offers state-of-the-art browsing that allows filtering, sorting, grouping, multiple selections for updating in mass reporting and managing access to all work orders in the database.



AVR’s uRead® Mobile Meter Reading Application with ReliaSync™ brings the latest in mobile technology to the utility billing industry. Using inexpensive, off-the-shelf hardware, such as smartphones and tablets, uRead® customers have an enterprise-class mobile meter reading solution to equip their fleet while keeping meter-reading costs to a minimum, even over unreliable Internet connections.