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A wide selection of FLEXIBLE SOLUTIONS meeting all your needs.


AVR offers multiple forms of secure payment options for your customers to pay their utility bills online or in person. We make it convenient for them and at the same time save you time and expense. We’ve incorporated mobile device communications and Java messaging services to bring you the latest in technology today. Each option we offer updates your billing software automatically, saving you time from manual entries and assuring accuracy. Some products make the bank deposits, too!

AVR is PCI compliant, which is required to make online credit card use secure as possible. High-end transactional encryption is a part of the PCI requirement.

Pay by Credit Card or Check –

Mobile payments from any smartphone so the customer can pay their bills from anywhere.

24/7 Always Available for Payments –

One Time, Recurring Credit Card or ACH are easy for your customers to access one time or sign up for recurring future payments.

View Water Bills or Billing History Whether a Payment is Made or Not,

eliminating calls and requests from online bill payers and customers

Real Time Reporting -

Credit Cards are instantly validated, easy to access, and view. The customer's online payment can be seen.

eNotices –

our eNotices keep you up to date and aware of your account status. 

SendGrid Reporting for Your E-Bills –

to ensure your customers received their bills, our reporting system identifies who received their e-mails, who opened them and who deleted a bill.

Sign Up for Online Paperless or Billing Online –

no more long lines and voice calls setting up customers for ACH or online payment services.

Automatically Updated Utility Bills –

every payment made online frees up time for your staff, making them more efficient to focus on other priorities.


Pay by smartphone! AVR's solution brings world-class mobile payment processing right to your customer with a QR Code.

Credit Card

Your customers can pay their bills from the comfort of their own homes through phone or make the payment online.


Give your customers the option to set up their utility account to have their monthly balance automatically drafted from their checking or savings account. 


Your customers can mail their remittances directly to our secure lockbox processing facility. Payments are extracted and our software creates a posting file electronically and updates the accounts receivable database immediately. 


Give additional payment options to your customers by allowing them to use other payment processors such as Checkfree, Chase, Wells Fargo, etc. 

Cash Collections

This module allows our Clients to collect any form of payment at a central location utilizing a cash drawer and receipt paper. 

Barcode Payment Option – Our hand held scanner technologies deliver performance that assures maximum productivity. This easy-to-use tool reduces startup time and costs whenever the scanner is used. Ask AVR about Barcode today!

The Paperless Billing module allows your customers to eliminate the time and expense of traveling to the office to make a payment and the hassles associated with paper bills. No more searching for stamps or wondering if their payment arrived or not. Our reporting program allows your office to know if your customer received the bill, opened the bill, deleted the bill, or if the bill was rejected due to internet problems or e-mail issues. Think of the time you’ll save in your own office when your customers decide to use paperless billing. It’s great for all parties involved and more and more people across the country are using paperless billing because “Going Green” is good for our planet. Many companies are investing in “Green Technologies.


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