1.1.2 Release Notes

UI Updates

  • Logo/Banner was replaced with the updated AVR logo

  • Now prompted with a re-login screen and a user-friendly error message when credentials do not meet authentication requirements

Payments and Adjustments

  • Select ACH Accounts no longer includes accounts with a zero (0) balance into the selection file

  • Batch header details can now be updated in Payment Entry without having to enter in any payments to the batch

  • Payment Correction now calculates penalty correctly according to the Due Date

  • Adjustment Entry/Adjustment Correction now shows the correct payment/receivables information on accounts with overpay

District Maintenance

  • Now able to configure a Meter Reading Interface setting per district

  • Now able to configure Beacon interface parameter settings when district is set to Beacon

Cash Collections

  • Now able to run a report to show transaction details for selected batches

  • Now able to maintain cash collections district profile information

  • Now able to maintain Miscellaneous Item Prices

  • Now able to maintain Transaction Codes

  • Now able to use separate merchant files to charge credit cards per transaction code setup

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