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The AVR Managed Backoffice Administration is here to help you manage your business effectively. By systematically organizing your data and information from diverse sources, you and your staff/teams are able to spend more time serving your customers. With our wide range of services, we have helped companies streamline their back office and manage work more efficiently. We convert, enter, manage, evaluate and process the data based on the individual municipality rate ordinance or per your requirement. You can rely on our extensive industry knowledge and flexible services that are cost-effective and productive.

We have an efficient and experienced team with a vast understanding of the various tasks involved for the billing cycle. All of our representatives are friendly and knowledgeable. AVR will methodically maintain all of your reads and maintain all of your records and data, conducting processes for better client and customer relationships thereby, bringing you maximum value.

We provide you with total transparency of data. If required, we inter-connect your data so that it is easily available to your staff immediately, making interacting with customers more convenient.


Print Production

BILL printing and Mailing SERVICES

- No Investment of Hardware or Software

- Professional Color

- Accurate and Quick Delivery 

- No Trips to the Post Office

- Include Inserts with Statements

Municipalities, independent districts and utility wastewater operators struggle concerning whether to outsource their printing and mailing of utility bills.

Many times, it becomes clear that while doing one’s own in-house billing may be feasible, and even save expenses, looking at the big picture, it may not be the best option. Operational costs for printing, sorting and stuffing envelopes generally require much more time, expense and resources than initially estimated. Specialized printers, sorting and stuffing machines typically require monthly rental and support fees. They also require on-going maintenance and training to manage the issues that arise with these machines. Additionally, ink, forms, envelopes, storing of supplies and cost of postage are all issues to be taken into consideration. Why not partner with a specialist to make this essential task a dream, instead of a nightmare? AVR to the rescue!



interfaces and integrationSERVICES

We offer a wide range of interfaces, reports, and third party service provider integrations such as:

  • Custom Reports

  • GIS Interface

  • IVR Interface

  • Financial Applications

  • AMR and Hand Held Meter Device Interfaces

  • Report Writer


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